Cloudy Fish Tank

A cloudy fish tank can be alarming but the problem can be easily dealt with when you know what you are doing.

If your aquarium water is cloudy, foamy or smelly then you need to take action to wash and clean it because if it is in this condition it will almost certainly bring about stress and disease to your fishes.

Cloudy fish tank is bad – Clear is Good!

cloudy fish tank clear
Clear Fish Tank

The problem of a cloudy fish tank aquarium is caused by a high concentration of algae and bad bacteria in the water.

<< >> This bacterium feeds on light, excess fish waste and uneaten fish food that builds up eventually to high levels of nitrates substrate that if left unchecked will probably cause stress and disease to your fish.

The first action you need to take is to find out how to clean a fish tank correctly so you can clean out algae growth, excess nitrates and bad bacteria from your fish tank to make it crystal clear.

As a quick fix you should set about cleaning and changing the water but not all in one go as this will be very damaging to your fishes.

Aim to improve and change, around 10% to 20% each day, until in time it is completely replaced and clear.

As you replace a percentage of your fish tank, you’ll be removing some of the cloudiness caused by dissolved food and waste.

This will then begin to remove the food source of the bacterium bloom. Once the aquarium is clear you can go back to changing a percentage of the water twice a week instead of every day and then weekly.

Reduce The Cloudy Look In Your Fishtank By Reducing the Amount of Food.

People giving too much food to their fishy friends often causes a cloudy fish tank, so reduce the amount of food you give to them to keep things clear. A way to ensure they eat all the food that you feed them is to remove any uneaten food after about 10 minutes. One of the biggest mistakes new fish keepers make is to over feed their pets and not clean the debris and decaying material away.

Reduce The Cloudy Look In Your Aquarium With Good Gravel.

An opaque aquarium look can be helped greatly by introducing cultured gravel from an established aquarium with healthy fish to the bottom. Simply sprinkle the good gravel on top of the gravel that you already have in your tank. The beneficial bacterium that is living on the good gravel will quickly multiply to cover the surfaces of the rest of the gravel in your cloudy aquarium. The beneficial bacterial will digest the waste in your tank, and the look will quickly clear.

Reduce The Cloudy Look Always Have Good Water In Your Aquarium.

A cloudy aquarium can be caused by a high level of dissolved compounds such as heavy metals, phosphates, nitrates, substrate or silicates. If you think this could be the cause you should test the water and if there is a problem you can treat your cloudy fish tank with conditioners that should make things clear. If it doesn’t then you may need to use RO or Reverse Osmosis water.

Reduce Cloudy Problems With Good Maintenance.

Proper tank maintenance will stop the cloudy look and any occurrence of algae in problem aquariums but if it doesn’t then you need to make sure the aquatic filtration system is able to handle the size of tank you have and the number of fishes you’re keeping.

Cloudy water in a fish tank are caused by chemical imbalances that occur naturally. Get tips on getting rid of cloudy water from a fish expert in this free pet care video.

Don’t be too alarmed by cloudy fish tank water because if you take the right steps you will soon eliminate the problem in your cloudy aquarium and have a beautiful clear tank.

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  1. No disrespect but the Arowana is not full grown and I’m sure he plans to move it when it outgrows the tank. The fish is in fact fine in there at its current size.

  2. What the hell is wrong with you people? Its a simple, effective, informative video. Clearly you guys cant see that this is a store; yes, obviously the Arowana will grow, stating that doesn’t make you a fucking genius. Its temporary. And who cares what his hair looks like; fuck off if you have nothing positive to contribute, trolls.

  3. Whats wrong with you, These guys always spew out wrong information that can kill fish. Using Chemicals to mask a cloudy tank is WRONG husbandry. You need to know WHY its getting cloudy and fix it from the source. Not add chemicals to clear up the tank, which incase you didnt know causes oxygen deprivation to the fish.

  4. I watched this video. While I do need help clearing my daughter’s 10 gallon fish tank from cloudy water. What I did learn is there is a lot fish tank experts. Quick to ridicule and throw this guy up against the wall. Who cares about his hair..seriously. BANTA7678 cannot even spell…great!!! Kory G is a great speller too..ha ha. Intelligence is a short matter with fish owners..I guess. I will keep looking how to clear up my tank. Oh yeah and I’m sure I will enjoy the comments too!!!

  5. Wal-Mart will love you guys. Buying all those little bottles of chemicals because you don’t understand what is going on or how it works.
    Look up wet/dry filter systems. Understand how/why they work. Install one. Then leave your tank alone and never mess with it again. They help nature do what it does naturally in streams, lake, ocean more efficiently. Work with nature not against it. Problem solved.
    By the way, cloudy water is a nitrate build up. Plants LOVE nitrates. Get the picture?

  6. 1.I want to see the effect, how clear the water is after add in med.
    2.The silver arowana is drop-eye. Tune the light, and change the diet

  7. Yeah, I fed my Red Parror Fish too much food. And the end result is that my filter couldn’t absorb all the wastes, and thus clouded my Fish Tank.

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